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The sustaina­bility policy of Bus­iness Ice­land

In order to support our future vision, it is important that all the activity of Business Iceland (e. Íslandsstofa) be based on sustainability values and that it leads by example in all matters of the environment and climate, both inside and outside the workplace.


According to the long-term policy formation of the business community and public authorities regarding marketing and export of Icelandic goods, services and culture, the future vision for Iceland is that it will become known as a leading country in sustainability.

For this future vision, it is important that all the activity of Business Iceland be based on sustainability values and that it leads by an example in all matters of the environment and climate, both inside and outside the workplace.

Business Iceland places a prime emphasis on letting its activity support this future vision for Icelandic exports so that Iceland will become a sustainability leader. Business Iceland will do this in part by being a leader as regards sustainability in its operations. Sustainability will moreover act as a safeguard for the ability to tend to the important tasks of the office and values for stakeholders in the longer term.

The prime purpose and goal of a sustainability policy is to ensure that sustainability will be a guiding principle in all the work of Business Iceland. The sustainability policy will be both a declaration on sustainability as well as a frame for sub-policies related to the environment, social issues and governance. The following is a further description of sub-policies for each.

The introduction of policies is being developed with support from Bravo.Earth, and regard is had to the UFS criteria of Nasdaq as well. Business Iceland is a partner in Festa, a centre for social responsibility and sustainability.


Business Iceland emphasises keeping adverse environmental impacts of its activity to a minimum. The emission of greenhouse gasses is measured annually.

Business Iceland has set for itself an environmental and climate policy and is working on the introduction of Greener Steps.

Business Iceland has carbon-offset its routine activity for 2021, i.e. for electricity use, heat, waste, air travel and travel of staff to and from work (phase 2 and 3). The activity is carbon-offset through Kolviður.

Business Iceland places emphasis on analysing and acquiring knowledge of how climate issues and other environmental issues can have a direct and indirect influence on operations and thereby the ability of Íslandsstofa to perform its task. In this manner, Business Iceland intends to respond to and mitigate the impact, as applicable.

The environment and climate policy can be found here.

Social issues

Business Iceland places emphasis on a work environment that attracts and retains outstanding staff. The motto of our human resource policy is “We generate ideas and put them into practice”. Our workplace is a crucible for expertise and at the same time all-encompassing, a fun place for work, challenging, international and creative.

Business Iceland emphasises respect, equality, health and safety and does not tolerate prejudice, harassment and persecution.

See further our equality policy and human resource policy (Icelandic)In addition, Business Iceland follows a remote work policy and a health policy.


The Board of Business Iceland emphasises good governance and that it be in accordance with applicable laws and regulation.

The rules of ethical conduct apply to all its activities, the staff, management and contractors performing work for Business Iceland. The rules act as guidelines for daily work, with the interests of Íslandsstofa and clients as guidance.

Business Iceland has set a private protection policy for itself that describes how Íslandsstofa handles personal information of the staff, clients, contractors and others.

The rules of ethical conduct of Business Iceland, the operating rules of the Board and its personal privacy protection policy may be accessed here.

Sustainability is an important driver in the work of Business Iceland. The formation and introduction of a sustainability policy, along with an annual sustainability report, is an important part of presenting a clear picture of the policies and practices of companies. Such work has already begun at Business Iceland and will over time become an inseparable part of our traditional activity. The demands of the community for sustainable operations will be of increasing importance in the future. Íslandsstofa will therefore continue on this path towards a sustainable future.