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Business Iceland

Creative Industries

We take pride in our creative industries and arts. In music, film, literature, visual arts, performing arts and design, Iceland is well represented in the international scene. But we want to keep growing, exploring and adding to the extensive list of accomplished artists and creatives. Our vision is to strengthen Icelandic arts and creative industries by making Iceland an attractive option for creative people and companies.
Business Iceland supports a wide range of promotion of Icelandic art abroad in collaboration with our embassies and various programs.

Creative in Iceland

A marketing initiative for the creative industry was launched in August 2021, seeking to increase awareness of Icelandic art and creative industries amongst consumers in select international markets. The project aims to boost the export revenue of Iceland's arts and creative industries by developing and incentivizing attractive options for creative people and companies in Iceland.

Creative in Iceland

Record in Iceland

Music is always a product of its environment and it’s not only our local talent that draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring nature on our doorstep but international artists as well. Iceland has a rich music scene and it offers world-class studios, brilliant producers, great session players, and inspiring nature. And if that’s not enough, the Record in Iceland scheme offers a 25% refund of all recording costs.

Record in Iceland

Creati­ve centers in Ice­land

Iceland Design and Architecture aims for progress in design and architecture in Iceland focusing on sustainable development. Its role is to facilitate and promote design of all kinds as a vital aspect of the future Icelandic society, economy and culture.

Icelandic Design & Architecture

When one thinks of Iceland, one thinks of its music. From Björk to Sigur Rós, múm, Kaleo and Of Monsters and Men, Iceland’s wealth of contemporary artists in a myriad of genres has had an indelible impact on the globe, with creative talent punching high above its weight class, with a population only 360,000 strong.

Icelandic Music

The role of the Center is to raise awareness of Icelandic literature, both in Iceland and abroad, and to promote its distribution. 

Icelanic literature center

The Icelandic Art Center promotes and supports Icelandic contemporary art internationally through grants, collaborations and projects. We facilitate professional partnerships, visitor programmes and international collaborations between artists. 

Icelandic art center

The Icelandic Film Centre plays a key role in the vibrant Icelandic film industry, through its financial support scheme, international promotion of the Icelandic cinema and other initiatives intended to further develop film making and film culture in Iceland.

Icelandic Film centre