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Energy & Green Solutions

Our vision is that Iceland be recognized worldwide as a leading country in sustainability. Our role is to increase the interest and demand for Icelandic products and services in the field of energy and green solutions. We market the opportunities for Iceland and facilitate collaboration between Icelandic and foreign companies in the energy and green solution sectors. We organize visits to trade fairs, participate in business delegations and B2B events with foreign companies interested in investing in Iceland or doing business with Icelandic companies.
Minimising the carbon footprint while reducing costs is a challenge that Iceland rises to. 100% of electricity produced in Iceland is green, the Icelandic transmission and distribution grid is product of cost effective harnessing of geothermal resources and the power of Iceland‘s glacial rivers. This electricity is cost competitive, readily available and produced with renewable resorces.
We promote under the Green by Iceland brand.
Green by Iceland